Our Scaffolds Feature Details

Scaffolding Feature Details


Heavy 2″ x 2″ x 3/16″ steel angles are completely MIG welded together with strong 1/2″ schedule 40 pipe on 12″ centers. This tough, rugged space-age section frame has been tested to carry 3000 lbs. with only 1/8″ deflection. GENTEX ladder frames are 50% heavier than some square and round tubing ladders. Safety begins here.


Superior strength and capacity are achieved with our “folded” and closed aircraft-type construction. Compare our MIG welded boxed member with the open channel used by others. GENTEX trusses are tested to carry 3000 lbs. with a miniumum of 1/8″ deflection.


Our own unbreakable malleable iron locking handle securely fastens the lug hooks on the truss end in the ladder keyholes. Now the locking handle can be “double-bolted” by applying the exclusive “Spring-Lok” to prevent “jumping” or loosening due to operator carlessness. Another important GENTEX safety feature.

Stacking Pockets

Heavy 3/16″ thick steel square pockets are welded to each ladder leg. When inverted for stacking, the long pocket interlocks tightly with the short pocket to form a solid, firm fit. There are no pins, dowels or bolts to bend and loosen. Casters do not have to be removed for stacking like some other scaffolds. All GENTEX units stack quickly, easily, and are interchangeable. No tools are required.


Heavy duty 5/8″ plywood panel is completely edged with 3/4″ steel channel to prevent splintering and chipping. All corners are mitered and bent around to eliminate sharpness which could cut and tear. The center joints are welded and ground. Drive fasteners are used on the outer edge only and not on the working surface where protusions could be hazardous.


Our own unique keyhole design offers wide flexibility and adjustments on 3″ centers. Extra strong hot-rolled mill angle is 50% heavier than some square tubing used by others. Rungs are 1/2″ steel pipe, not tubing which may bend. With 5″ casters, platform heights range from a low of 10″ using IT-6 and IT-8 Inverted Trusses to a height of 103″ using T-6 and T-8 Trusses. Pipe rungs are 12″ on centers for comfortable stepping.



Pipe Plug Casters With Breake

Two types of 5″ threaded stem casters are available. The UX has a single side brake. The LD has a double back break. Casters are attached by screwing into the threaded coupling which is welded to the ladder leg.

The Extension Unit

The basic GENTEX scaffold units can be combined with Model 6X or Model 8X Extensions to provide working platforms of 144″ x 72″ or 144″ x 96″. Larger areas can be made by adding more basic units and Extensions. To obtain additiona height to a maximum of 16’0″, invert one L-8 Ladder on another L-8 Ladder, securely locking stacking pockets together.

GENTEX scaffolds, parts, and/or accessories may be purchased in complete units or by individual piece.

Special sizes and equipment made to order.

The Basic UNit

The basic GENTEX scaffold consists of five components and four casters. Each unit includes one platform either 72″ or 96″ long, two ladders 36″, 72″, or 96″ high, and two trusses 72″ or 96″ long. Casters with brakes are available in 4″, 5″, or 6″ sizes.

Heights are adjustable every 3″. The outside width of 29″ allows the assembled scaffold to roll through standard doors without dismantling.

New MIDI_SCAF Model 244-UX

Lighter weight, portable, on-person size scaffold. Useful for confined areas and smaller jobs where larger units are impractical. Stacks to 6″ deep, 24″ wide, and 48″ long. Easily transported in station wagon or car trunk. Small enough to store in closet. Same quality and safety features as other GENTEX products. 5″ casters with brakes.


 holds large quantities of material, equipment, and tools safely and conveniently. Working platfor is clear of excess objects which could be hazardous and restrictrive.

Saves steps and improves productivity. is always within reach.

Losses are reduced. Nothing is inadvertently left behind on the floor. Hangs on pipe rung securely. Cannot slip off.

Quickly installed and easily removed from any pipe level.

For bulky, lightweight material, use more than one per scaffold.

Versatile, portable can be handled and mounted by one person.

Pre-assembled. Ready to Use. No Bolding is Necessary.